Peer Advisors


Caira Jackson-Brooks (she/her)

Major(s)/Minor(s): Film and Digital Media

Global Learning Program: UCEAP University of Queensland

Hello! I am a fourth-year year Film & Digital Media major, choosing to focus on post-production and special effects editing. I had the pleasure of spending a semester abroad studying at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia with UCEAP and absolutely had the time of my life. I've been a Black Academy mentor for two years and I'm so excited to extend my mentorship into the Global Learning sphere. I am a fiber artist and my favorite mediums are crochet, tapestry, and beaded embroidery. I love anything having to do with nature, and if you see me around on our beautiful campus, don't hesitate to say hi! 

Areas of Expertise: Being Black/Female Abroad, UCEAP, Travel Insurance Claims, Film & Digital Media/Arts


Denilson Perez (he/him)

Major(s)/Minor(s): Latin American and Latino Studies and Sociology Combined, Language Studies 

Global Learning Program: UCEAP University of Bologna, UCEAP National Autonomous University of Mexico

Hi, I'm Denilson Perez. I'm Afro-Mexican and I'm from South Central LA. I'm currently a fourth year at UC Santa Cruz as well as a first-generation college student. I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Latin America and Latino Studies/Sociology with a minor in Language Studies. I had the amazing opportunity of spending my entire junior year abroad; I studied at the University of Bologna in Italy and at the Autonomous University of Mexico located in Mexico City. I had such a stimulating and inspirational time in my host countries. I would also say my experiences in these countries had positive impacts on my personal and academic growth. Aside from travel, my hobbies include language learning (I currently speak six), swimming, dancing, and thrifting.

Areas of Expertise: UCEAP, First-generation College Students, Supporting Students of Color, LGBTQIA+, Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship


Mariah Silva (she/her)

Major(s)/Minor(s): Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Global Learning Program: UCEAP Tropical Biology and Conservation, UCEAP University of Capetown, UCSC Global Seminar Evolution and Fish Biology in Southern Africa

Hello! I am an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major who has participated in research in three separate countries: UCEAP Tropical Biology & Conservation in Costa Rica, UCEAP University of Cape Town, and the UCSC Global Seminar- Evolution and Fish Biology in Southern Africa. I have a hunger for witnessing the world’s biodiversity and making friendships in foreign lands. I love to rock climb and collect belay passes from gyms in each of the countries I visit. As a first-generation and low-income student, I am passionate about seeing other students pursue their dreams in the face of economic adversity. Ask me about monkey facts from around the world!

Areas of Expertise: UCEAP, UCSC Global Seminars, First Generation/Low-income students, STEM Majors, Solo-female Traveling


Nallely Gutierrez (she/her)

Major(s)/Minor(s): Intensive Psychology

Global Learning Program: UCSC Psychology and Cognitive Science Global Internship

I'm a fourth-year Intensive Psychology major. I applied to UCSC Global Internships where I got the opportunity to intern in Barcelona, Spain during Summer 2023. I interned at a refuge home for young migrants from African and Arab countries and offered my support in helping them integrate themselves into the community in Spain. I got the opportunity to work closely with the organization's psychologist where we conducted clinical interviews and analyzed behaviors. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of interesting people who have definitely altered my perspective and outlook on life, which was a goal I had set before traveling. Some of my hobbies include reading, listening to music, and going on walks, which is something I tried integrating into my life even more after my trip to Europe because it consists of a lot of walking.

Areas of Expertise: UCSC Global Internships, Gilman Scholarship, Barcelona, Studying Abroad as a First Generation Latine Student, Financial Aid, Psychology, Summer Study/Internship Abroad