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Advisors play an integral role in encouraging UCSC students to pursue global learning. This collection of resources aims to highlight the many benefits of global learning, including how you can guide students to these opportunities and support their participation. We require all students to meet with their campus academic advisors during the application process to ensure they stay on track to degree completion. We appreciate working collaboratively with you to achieve our common goal of seeing UCSC students thrive academically, professionally, and personally on campus, abroad, and beyond.

Why Should You Encourage Students to Participate in Global Learning?

Global learning can be an extremely rewarding academic, professional and personal experience. It provides students the opportunity to engage with and learn from another culture, develop or enhance foreign language skills, cultivate their strengths, complement their studies at UCSC by earning credit toward their degree (including enrollment in courses that may fulfill GE or specific major or minor requirements), and gain an invaluable edge in an increasingly competitive global job market, among many other benefits. Visit our Why Global Learning webpage to learn more about the many benefits of global learning.

Additional Resources

Advising Resources

These resources are intended to help you support your students as they consider how global learning can help them meet their academic, professional, and personal goals.  

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions we receive from advisors. Please search for your questions, and do not hesitate to contact us at if you cannot find the answer to your questions.