Global Learning Opportunities Week

Global Learning Opportunities Week (GLOW) at UC Santa Cruz was held October 18-22, 2021.

The week-long event is designed to help you find opportunities to study, explore, and engage with other cultures. You will learn about the many opportunities to study, intern, or conduct research abroad, away, and virtually.





Going Global at UCSC

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Going Global at UCSC

Interested in Studying Abroad or Away as part of your UCSC Degree? Then watch this video meet UCSC Global Learning staff and discover both international and domestic global learning opportunities available to all UCSC students. Topics include how to fulfill degree requirements, manage costs, use financial aid, find scholarships, and begin your journey. Let the world be your classroom!

UCSC Capital Internship Programs

Watch this session to learn about capital internship opportunities offered through UC Santa Cruz in Washington D.C. and Sacramento. We offer two dynamic academic internship programs: UCDC Washington Program and UC Center Sacramento.

UCSC Virtual Global Internship Information Session

Go global (virtually) this summer! This program is offered by UCSC Global Learning and Absolute Internship and was designed to help you explore your career goals, expand your professional network and skills, and gain real work experience by participating in a remote unpaid internship for an organization based abroad from your home.

How to Apply for a Passport - Presented by UC Riverside


Applying for a passport can be easy - watch this short clip to learn how!

How Global Experiences Foster Career Readiness - Presented by Ashley Bayman, Global Learning Coordinator and Advisor at UC Santa Cruz and Yeng Yang, UC Santa Cruz International Career Coach

Have you thought about studying abroad or away? Want to know why global learning experiences can be a valuable part of your career development? If so, watch this video to learn how global experiences help foster career readiness! In it, you will discover the professional benefits of global experiences, the top qualities employers are looking for, top skills gained from global learning, and much more!

Affording Study Abroad/Away

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How to Study Abroad/Away: Affording Study Abroad - Presented by UC Santa Cruz Global Learning


This video provides an overview of how you can afford global learning opportunities as a UCSC student. It will share information about understanding the total cost of your program, how financial aid is applied, and additional scholarship and funding opportunities.

How to Study Abroad/Away: Crowdfunding - Presented by UC Santa Cruz Global Learning


In this video, study abroad alumni Megan Spitzer shares tips on how to set up your own crowdfunding pages to raise money to support your global learning program.

How to Study Abroad/Away: My Experience Affording Study Abroad - Presented by UC Santa Cruz Global Learning

This short video shares the experience of study abroad alumni Camille Cheng and how she was able to afford to study abroad three times during her undergraduate degree at UCSC.

How to Win Free Money With Study Abroad Scholarships

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship - Presented by FEA

The mission of the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) is to provide scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented among the U.S. study abroad population. FEA makes life-changing, international experiences accessible to all by supporting minority, community college, and first-generation college students before, during, and after they participate in education abroad programs. Watch this video to learn more about the FEA scholarship and how to apply. 

How to Find and Apply to Scholarships for Study Abroad - Presented by Wilsi Lieux, Associate Director of the UCLA International Education Office and Adrienne Sifontes, Regional Advisor at UC Santa Barbara Education Abroad Office

Overview of study abroad scholarship options and how to submit a strong application.


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How to Study Abroad/Away: Academic Planning Presented by UCSC Global Learning

In this short video, we will review information on how to get courses from abroad or away to meet major, minor, and GE requirements, what the academic approval form is, and answer some general frequently asked questions related to academics.

Global Learning in Your Major (Featuring the top 11 global learning majors) - Presented by UC Santa Cruz Global Learning

In this series of short videos, we will discuss the best timing to study abroad or away in your major, how to get courses pre-approved, review program types, and finally, highlight a few recommended programs for each major.

Identities Abroad and Away

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How to Study Abroad/Away: Identity - Presented by UCSC Global Learning

In this short video, we will discuss how to navigate your identity abroad or away including an overview of an exercise to get you thinking about your identities, what changes you might experience in another culture, how to find and connect with support systems, what identity-specific resources are available to you, and much more!

Exploring Your Unique Identities Abroad and Away

WHOA Stories

Who Am I Abroad (WHOA) is a student series of videos and articles exploring the shifts in perception of the self while abroad or away. The purpose of these stories is to highlight the international and domestic experiences of students and staff in relation to their salient identities. By clicking the link below, you will find an array of UCSC student and staff stories that broach the question, “What was the experience like for YOU studying in another culture?”

Being Black Abroad - Presented by Ashley Bayman, Global Learning Program Coordinator and Advisor and UCSC Students: Alexis Jolivette, Ayodele Abdul-Hadi, Chelsey Boykin, and Tolu Familoni

Do you identify as an ABC student (African/African-American/Afro Latinx/Black/Caribbean)? Want to know more about the ABC student experience abroad? If so, please tune in to the Being Black Abroad information session. During the video, we will explore what it's like to experience Blackness in different cultural contexts through the lived experiences of ABC study abroad alumni who studied in Barbados, Spain, and France. Important issues like shifting identities and privilege abroad, discrimination abroad, and being abroad during the onset of COVID-19 will be discussed so come ready to learn!

Study Abroad and Social Identities - Presented by Malaika Marable Serrano, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at WorldStrides and Ines DeRomana, Director of Health, Safety and Emergency Response at UCEAP

Within the context of dual pandemics of Covid19 and racial injustice, fostering spaces of inclusion and belonging has never been more important - both at home and abroad. Experiences abroad can be different; some aspects of your identity can shape your experience and contribute to your interactions and perceptions of the culture, language, politics, society. In this session, we’ll share real stories and strategies for all students to promote safe and supportive environments abroad.

Understanding the Experiences of Students With Disabilities and Different Abilities Abroad - Presented by Mobility International USA

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Hear from travelers with disabilities who have studied and volunteered abroad about their interactions and experiences in getting around. This video series is provided by Mobility International USA. Founded in 1981, Mobility International USA (MIUSA) is a disability-led non-profit organization headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, USA advancing disability rights and leadership globally. By implementing innovative programs, MIUSA builds bridges to create a new era where people with disabilities will take their rightful place in the world community. MIUSA is a cross-disability organization serving people with a broad range of disabilities.

Global Learning for STEM- Presented by Ashley Bayman Global Learning Program Coordinator and Advisor, Danay Weldegabriel, EOP STEM Counselor - Engineering Academy, and UCSC Students: Tolu Familoni, Betelhem Tarekegn, and M Choi.

Join EOP STEM, MEP, and UCSC Study Abroad for a presentation and community discussion on Study Abroad for Engineers. During this video, we explore popular STEM study abroad programs, review academic and general planning tips, go over finances and scholarships, discuss the personal, academic, and professional benefits of study abroad, and much more. Furthermore, we have UCSC STEM study abroad alumni share their international education journeys as well as answer questions on how to make study abroad a viable option during your time at UCSC.