Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS)


Explore your career goals, expand your professional network and skills, and gain real work experience by participating in an internship for an organization in either Buenos Aires, Argentina or Barcelona, Spain. Internships are customized according to your career interests and skills. You will earn UCSC credit, by enrolling in the LALS 190G Global Internship course, which will complement your experience and support a successful internship. You will intern approximately 25 hours per week and should expect to spend additional 12.5 hours per week on coursework for LALS 190G.


  • Arrival Date: Saturday, June 24, 2023
  • Internship Start Date: Monday, June 26, 2023
  • Departure Date: Saturday, August 19, 2023

Language of Instruction: Internships are in English, with hybrid or full immersion options in Spanish. 

Courses: LALS 190G Global Internship Course (10 units)

Contact: Ashley Bayman at or Ursula Oberg at

How to Apply

Global Learning Deadline to apply: February 1, 2023

  1. Attend one of the following info sessions:
  2. The application for the LALS global internship is now open in the global learning portal! Complete the LALS Global Learning Application in the global learning portal by the above deadline. To access it, log into the global learning portal (you must create a profile before applying), > Apply > Program Type "Global Internship" > Apply search > click application link> Apply.

After you have been accepted into the program, you will begin working with our internships partner Connect123 on your placement.

Quick Facts

Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina or Barcelona, Spain 

Minimum GPA - 2.5 Cumulative GPA or higher

Prerequisites and eligibility requirements 

  • Social Science Major
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Junior or Senior Standing

Please note: A passport valid for at least six months after the program’s end date is required to apply.


Global Internship Highlights:

  • Gain valuable intercultural communication skills while working with an international team and workplace.
  • Engage with your host community and culture through activities and networking opportunities.
  • Fine-tune your professional skills that are useful for a career related to LALS.
  • Add an internship to your resume, and prepare to talk about it in interviews - future employers will be intrigued.

Buenos Aires, Argentina Excursions 

  • Tango show and lesson
  • Street Art Tour
  • Teatro Colón tour
  • San Telmo Market
  • Buenos Aires cycling tour
  • Spanish cooking class
  • Tigre Delta tour and boat trip

Barcelona, Spain Excursions

  • Sagrada Familia
  • Freixenet Cava Tour
  • Tango show
  • Spanish guitar concert
  • Barcelona cycling tour
  • Catalan cooking class
  • Abbey of Montserrat hike


To get a financial aid estimate on how much aid you can expect for the summer ‘23 global internship program, review instructions here.

*Students become liable for the Global Learning Program Fee after the withdrawal deadline of March 1, 2023. To withdraw, you must email with your full name, UCSC student ID, name of program, and reason for withdrawal. More information about withdrawal penalties can be found in the program budget.

Application Fee

  • There is a Non-Refundable $200 UCSC Global Learning Application Fee. It is charged to your UCSC account after March 1, 2023.


There are many scholarships available to help fund your global learning experience. For example, the Gilman Scholarship provides awards of up to $5,000 for pell grant recipients. See our scholarships page to see which ones you qualify for. The LALS department also offers the Joel Frankel Scholarship for experiential learning, research, and field study in Latin America and Spanish-speaking U.S. communities. Visit their website to learn more!


Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a welcoming city known for its dynamic food scene, vibrant street art, beautiful architecture, and unparalleled nightlife. It is both the largest city in Argentina as well as the capital. Buenos Aires is rooted in history and tradition while being one of the most globally significant, progressive metropolitan cities in Latin America, making it an exciting place to intern. Read more about the city at Lonely Planet Buenos Aires.


Barcelona is the second most populated city in Spain, and is located in the northeast, near the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia. It is recognized as being one of Europe’s hottest startup capitals. The city is vibrant and international, making it an exciting location to intern. Barcelona consistently ranks high on the list of the world’s most liveable cities. Read more about the city at Lonely Planet Barcelona.

Currency in Buenos Aires: Argentine peso

Currency in Barcelona: Euro

Official Language(s) in Buenos Aires: Spanish

Official Language(s) in Barcelona: Spanish and Catalan


In Buenos Aires, students will tentatively stay at For Rent Argentina which provides

premium-quality apartments as well as timely, professional support services. Apartments are selected based on neighborhood safety as well as on convenience to students’ internship sites. Students share with other Connect-123 students. Each apartment will have shared bathrooms, Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchens, linens, desks, and in-building laundry. Before departure, students can provide roommate preferences and will receive official details about housing accommodations 4 to 8 weeks prior to arrival. On-site staff will support students with any housing-related issues, including room change and repair requests.

In Barcelona, students will tentatively stay in Vanguard Student Housing. At Vanguard, students will be provided single rooms in centrally located, premium-quality apartments, sharing with 4-6 other students. For sample photos, please follow this link. Each apartment will have shared bathrooms, Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchens, linens, desks, and in-building laundry. Before departure, students can provide roommate preferences and will receive official details about housing accommodations 4 to 8 weeks prior to arrival. On-site staff will support students with any housing-related issues, including room change and repair requests. 


Meals are not provided outside of some planned activities, like the welcome dinner. Students will have access to fully-equipped kitchens.

Weather and Climate

To research the weather and climate in Buenos Aires, visit here.

To research the weather and climate in Barcelona, visit here.

Research Your Destination

Lonely Planet Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lonely Planet Barcelona, Spain

Travel Documents Required for US Citizens

Passport required for US citizens. If you are not a US citizen please email to learn about additional travel documents you may need to pursue this program.

Students with Disabilities

If you need support services abroad, request an accommodation letter from your UCSC Disability Resource Center (DRC) Coordinator and share it with your UCDC Global Learning Coordinator, Ashley Bayman. 

Identities Abroad and Away

UC Santa Cruz Global Learning is committed to inclusion and equity in our various program options as well as striving to make everyone’s experiences abroad enriching, positive, and safe.

Learn more on our Identities Abroad and Away webpage.


Course Description

LALS 190G (10 units)

  • Student internships organized through Global Learning partners sponsored by a Latin American and Latino studies (LALS) instructor. While completing their internship, students write an analytical paper or produce another project agreed upon by the student and the instructor by the third week of the internship. 

The course will satisfy:

  • 1 upper-division elective for LALS majors


Internship Hours: 25 hours/week

Internship Partner

Global Learning has partnered with Connect123 to facilitate career-related internships for the LALS global internship program. Their mission is to facilitate experiences that create equal value for students and for the local organizations where they work. Since 2006, thousands of students from over 600 universities and over 85 countries have participated in Connect123 programs. For more information, you can visit their website and read their reviews.

Once your application has been processed and approved by UCSC Global Learning, you will be working with the Connect123 team on your customized internship placement.

Internship Placement Process

  1. After you have been accepted into this program, Connect123 will schedule a Zoom call to learn about your interests and goals for the internship experience. Prior to the interview, you must send Connect123 your resume and cover letter/statement of purpose, describing your goals, skills, and interests. 
  2. During the Zoom call, so that you have an idea about what to expect, Connect123 will provide examples of past projects that Connect-123 interns with similar interests have completed. They will also discuss which destination, Barcelona or Buenos Aires, is the best fit related to your top career field choices and language skills. Connect123 will work with each of you to help you define an ideal, customized internship experience which then informs the placement process and ensures positive outcomes. Placements are guaranteed for all students.
  3. During the placement process, you may receive one best offer or multiple offers. Offers are contingent on successful interviews with your supervisor and Connect123 helps you with interview preparation. If you receive more than one offer, Connect123 can provide advice and put you in touch with Connect-123 alumni. Since placements are customized, uniquely around your interests, the process can take up to a few months.
  4. Connect123 puts substantial effort into the placement process to help ensure positive outcomes for both you and the local organization. That said, if after starting, you aren’t happy with a placement, Connect123’s first step is to discuss options for resolution with you, as finding solutions can be an important part of the learning experience. However, if it’s not possible to fix, Connect123 can suggest other internship options.

Example LALS-related internship projects include:

  • Human rights
  • Social justice
  • Community organizing 
  • Social work
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Art

Example LALS-related partners include:

Buenos Aires

Centro Conviven promotes sustainable environmental practices and assists families living in vulnerable communities. Their programs include Ojo de Pez, which helps children express their stories about their neighborhoods through visual arts, and Juegoteca Retiro, which provides activities, walks, cultural outings, and camps for children from the Carols Mugica neighborhood. Past internship projects have included assisting with the delivery of Centro Conviven’s programs, helping with fundraising campaigns, and creating content about their ongoing activities.

Mujer y Gobierno is a non-profit focused on promoting gender rights within the policies of public and private organizations. Past projects have included research related to women’s rights and gender diversity in the workplace.

The Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC organizes film festivals and education programs related to the environment and human rights. Past projects have included helping with planning, logistics, and translation related to their film festivals and events.

Autores de Argentina is one of Argentina’s largest publishing houses and works with a diverse group of writers. Past interns have assisted with e-book publishing, product revision, and proofreading.


ACCEM, a Barcelona-based NGO, assists refugees and immigrants in Spain to obtain employment and run integration programs focusing on equal rights for vulnerable populations. Past interns have worked directly with refugees and immigrants, providing information about social resources, including free legal services, vocational training, and job search information.

Fundació Germina is a Barcelona-based NGO supporting marginalized children, youth, and their families through their education and skills-development programs, including after-school homework groups, nutrition workshops, summer camps, and learning activities that include the performing arts, dancing, painting, and urban gardening.

Ideas for Change is a consulting firm focused on innovation, strategy, and design for large and small companies, helping their clients grow while contributing to the improvement of the planet and society. Past projects have included helping with data analysis, proofreading articles, and creating content.

Crisolart Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, with locations in Barcelona and New York. They showcase work from international and Spanish artists and also print their own quarterly art-related magazine, Artmosphere. Past interns have helped with gallery management as well as written articles about upcoming artists for their magazine.