Led by: Jimin Lee, Professor of Art

Jimin Lee is a Korean-born, California-based artist. Her work explores themes of movement of the body and objects in space referring to migration, globalization, and transportation. In recent years she investigated and developed a new option and possibility in print media by adopting emerging print strategies in an expanded art context.

Lee has shown in over 200 exhibitions nationally and internationally, including solo exhibitions at Anchor Graphics in Chicago; Hanmi Gallery in Seoul; Shirota Gallery in Tokyo; Megalo Gallery in Canberra; Open Studio Gallery in Toronto; Galerie Alain Piroir in Montreal; Guanlan Original Printmaking Base in Shenzhen and Chengdu Art Museum in Chengdu; Seven Star Gallery in Berlin, among others.

She graduated from Seoul National University with a BFA in painting and an MFA in printmaking. As a recipient of a Japanese governmental scholarship, she studied printmaking at Tokyo University of the Arts. She also holds a second MFA in printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute.

Since 1995 Lee has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area and she is a professor of art and heads the print media program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA as well as the Contemporary Print Media Research Center.


Led by: Bridget Henry, Staff Research Associate 

Santa Cruz based printmaker, Bridget Henry owns and operates her own studio where she creates multi-color woodblock prints and print-based animation. She has established a distinct style that explores human relationships and climate displacement through allegory. Bridget has an unwavering dedication to the importance of art as an essential element to society. She has created large-scale woodcut wheat paste installations for the Santa Cruz Library, San Lorenzo River walkway as well as curated many art exhibits in galleries and abandoned storefronts. Since 2005 Bridget has worked as a Staff Research associate in the Printmaking Studio at U.C.S.C. In this position, she manages the print studio, assists students with their technical needs, and organizes the annual student print sale.  Since 2014 she has been teaching Introduction to Printmaking during summer sessions at UCSC.

A Message to Students and Loved Ones

It was a great pleasure taking groups of young students to Tokyo in the past for a similar program. Now I am very thrilled to offer this program in Korea in summer of 2022. I believe there’s a huge difference between getting up close and looking at a work of art as opposed to looking at a reproduction in a book. As an artist, each of my past residency projects in other countries has made a huge impact on my artwork because it was a real-time learning experience with local artists and artisans. Students in the Korea program will explore the country's artistic culture and methods with first-hand experience of rare and historical artifacts, objects, books, and prints. They will be exposed to and immersed in Korean culture, both traditional and contemporary. Through diverse class activities, they will interact with local people. Meeting the art and culture of Korea in person is an experience you will never forget!

- Professor Jimin Lee