UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) is the University of California's official study abroad program provider and a global leader in international education for over 50 years. All the benefits of home—UC credit, grades, and financial aid—travel with you. Start your journey with UCEAP by exploring the viewbook.

UCEAP offers UC students study abroad opportunities in:

  • 46 countries around the world
  • 420 Summer, Semester and Year-long program options
  • Internships, volunteer work, and research programs

Students can also talk with UCEAP staff based at the UCEAP headquarters by booking an appointment time here.


Types of UCEAP Programs

Immersion: Take host university courses with local and international students

UC Study Centers: Courses are taught according to a UC curriculum, often with a particular theme or academic focus.

Multi-City Programs: Study in multiple locations, visiting local establishments including social, government, and non-government organizations

Language & Culture/ Language Study Programs: Instruction focused on language acquisition and culture study

Internships Abroad: A full-time internship or required internship built into the curriculum

Research Abroad: Full-time research or required research built into the curriculum

Themed and Major-Specific: Programs designed for specific disciplines





Forms and Guides

Contact UCEAP

While UCSC Global Learning can advise you on general questions, each UCEAP program has a team of specialists and advisors who can answer more specific questions related to your program.

To book an appointment with a UCEAP Advisor please visit this link.

See UCEAP Advising.

UC Santa Cruz Global Learning vs. UCEAP

UC Santa Cruz Global Learning: Your campus Global Learning office, located in the Division of Global Engagement.

UCEAP: The study abroad organization based in Goleta, California that works with students from all University of California campuses.

Apply to UCEAP

  1. Complete your Profile in The Global Learning Portal 
  2. Submit the UCEAP Portal application
  3. Submit the UCEAP Nomination Form in the Global Learning Portal

Download our UCEAP Application Guide!

*Apply soon for Limited Capacity programs which close when capacity is met. Do not submit the UCEAP nomination form in the Global Learning Portal after the deadline. Late registrations will be declined and nomination fees are Non-Refundable.

Nomination Results

  • Nomination formss are processed after the deadline for open capacity programs
  • Nomination forms are processed within 3 weeks of submission for limited capacity programs

Nomination Fee

There is a Non-Refundable $200 UCSC Global Learning Nomination Fee. It is charged to your UCSC account in two installments of $100, each due about 1 month and 3 months after you submit your UCEAP Nomination Form in the Global Learning Portal.

UCEAP Video Library

This video library is a collection of videos produced for the 2020 Fall UCEAP Study Abroad Fair by UCEAP staff for students across the UC system. Please view the UCEAP website for the most up to date information. 

General Videos

Exploring Programs By Field of Study

Exploring Programs by Region