Earn Major or Minor Credit

UC Students in China
UC Students in China

Before departure

Course Articulation Policies by Department

Major/minor departments have final approval over which, if any, courses from abroad may be used to satisfy major/minor requirements. Approval processes vary by department.

At the time you are required to register for classes (this can be anywhere from a month before departure to a week after your arrival), you should also be in touch with your academic advisor. If a course you planned to take isn’t offered, or you see another course available you’d prefer, you should contact your advisor via email for some feedback on whether or not that new course might meet a requirement.

While Abroad

Make sure you save ALL of your syllabi and coursework from abroad. If you are registering for courses after departure, see the above paragraph regarding course registration.

Upon Return

Upon return, grades can take up to four months to transfer back. See the “Academics” tab of your UCEAP program for more information on when grades from your program should become available. You will see the courses listed on your UC Santa Cruz transcript and your corresponding UC grades at that time. To request major or minor credit, you should check in with your to inquire about the petition process and what is required which may include syllabi, homework, tests, papers, etc. of the completed class to your department advisor and proceed with their process of obtaining credit. Please note that every department is different and may have a different petition process. UCSC Global Learning offers the following advice on what information you will need to bring to your departmental advisor to assist with your petition:  

  • Course syllabus (translated if necessary)
  • Course textbook name or reading list (translated if necessary)
  • Written assignments for the class (translated if necessary)
  • Tests and quizzes (translated if necessary)