Online Course Exchange

Winter/Spring courses are now available!

View course offerings and take an online course for UC credit at top universities around the Pacific Rim, including:

  • The University of Sydney
  • Korea University
  • Osaka University
  • Keio University
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Tsinghua University
  • And many more!

Program Details

Through UC Santa Cruz’s membership with the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) and its participation in the APRU Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) Program, UCSC students have the opportunity to enroll in one credit-bearing online course per UCSC quarter at one of many participating APRU member universities.

How to Apply to the APRU VSE Program

  1. View host universities, courses, and corresponding application deadlines here
  2. Submit your online VSE Program application to the VSE Central Office via the APRU website, both by the host university deadline (these vary by the university) and the UCSC deadline (below). In some cases, the host university deadline may fall before the UCSC deadline. Be sure to submit your application by the earliest of the two deadlines.

Applications are processed by the VSE Central Office as they are received. If your application is received by the appropriate deadline and meets all eligibility requirements, UCSC will endorse your application and forward it to the APRU course-offering university for final approval to enroll. You will be notified directly by the VSE Central Office of your approval by the host university and course enrollment.

Application Considerations:

  • You may apply to credit-bearing courses only.
  • The VSE Program application process is managed centrally by the VSE Central Office, located at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Contact with questions.
  • VSE application deadlines are in Hong Kong time, which is 15 hours ahead of Santa Cruz time so your application needs to be submitted 15 hours prior to the published deadline. 
  • The VSE application system allows you to apply for up to two courses in a “Season” (by submitting one application for each course.)  However, UCSC students may only enroll in one APRU VSE course per UCSC quarter. You may apply for one course as a first choice, and optionally, a second course as a backup in case you are not approved for your first choice. If you are ultimately approved for both courses, then you will need to choose only one in which to actually enroll.
  • UCSC endorsement of your application is not a guarantee of approval for enrollment. APRU host universities make final decisions regarding enrollment. 


  • Current UCSC undergraduate student studying in a degree program.

Note: UCSC students can not enroll in UCSC or domestic university courses through APRU VSE. And, some APRU university courses may require prerequisites or language proficiency. 


There are no application fees and no additional tuition costs beyond normal UCSC tuition and fees. Regular course fees may apply, such as costs for textbooks, etc.

Academic Calendar

Courses are offered in one of three “Seasons” as determined by the course start date at the APRU host university. The 2022-23 academic year seasons are:

  • Season 1 courses – September to December 2022
  • Season 2 courses – January to April 2023
  • Season 3 courses  – May to August 2023

The start date of an APRU VSE course will determine whether the course will be part of your fall, winter, or spring quarter enrollment at UCSC.

Finding Courses

Refer to the APRU VSE course webpage for a list of participating universities and their courses for the upcoming season. Be sure to check course descriptions carefully for any additional prerequisite, academic, and/or language requirements that may apply, and to confirm that the course(s) you are interested in is offered for credit.

Note: Some universities post their course information throughout each season, so check back frequently.