UCSC Partner Programs Deadlines 2024-25

Rikkyo University

Open Capacity Provider Partner Programs

Programs in the list below have an unlimited number of spots for UCSC students, and we are able to nominate all students who are eligible and who complete all of the required application steps. 

Nomination Forms for Fall/Year Open Capacity Partner Programs:

  •   Fall 2024/2024-25 AY Opens January 17, 2024 at noon

Nomination Forms for Winter + Spring Open Capacity Partner Programs:

  • Winter/Spring 2025 Dates TBD
ArgentinaUniversidad de BelgranoFall, Academic Year4/17/2024
ArgentinaUniversidad de BelgranoWinter + SpringTBD
AustraliaGriffith UniversityFall4/30/2024
AustraliaGriffith UniversityWinter + SpringTBD
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityFall3/1/2024
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityWinter + SpringTBD
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityFall, Academic Year4/15/2024
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityWinter + SpringTBD
GermanyFreie Universitat BerlinFall, Academic Year2/16/24
NetherlandsVrije Universiteit AmsterdamFall, Academic Year3/18/2024
NetherlandsVrije Universiteit AmsterdamWinter + SpringTBD
PeruPontificia U Catolica del PeruFall 5/17/2024
PeruPontificia U Catolica del Peru
Winter + Spring 
PolandJagiellonian University of KrakowFall, Academic Year6/4/2024
PolandJagiellonian University of KrakowWinter + SpringTBD
PortugalISCTE – Instituto Universitario de LisboaFall, Academic Year 3/28/24
PortugalISCTE – Instituto Universitario de LisboaWinter + SpringTBD
SpainComplutense de MadridFall5/10/2024
SpainComplutense de MadridWinterTBD
SpainComplutense de MadridSpringTBD
SpainUniversidad de BarcelonaFall, Academic Year5/17/2024
SpainUniversidad de BarcelonaWinter + SpringTBD
SpainUniversidad de GranadaFall, Academic Year5/17/2024
SpainUniversidad de GranadaWinter + SpringTBD
SpainUniversitat Pompeu FabraFall, Academic Year5/1/2024
SpainUniversitat Pompeu FabraWinter + SpringTBD
ThailandMahidol UniversityFall3/25/2024
ThailandMahidol UniversitySpringTBD
UK – EnglandUniversity of the Arts LondonFall3/18/2024
UK – ScotlandUniversity of StirlingFall, Academic Year3/25/2024
UK – Scotland University of StirlingWinter + SpringTBD

*All deadlines are 11:45 p.m. Pacific Time. Late Nomination Forms may be possible – please email globallearning@ucsc.edu to inquire.

Limited Capacity Exchange Partner Programs

Programs in the list below have a limited number of spaces available for UCSC students. We encourage you to submit your Nomination Form in the Global Learning Portal close to the open date to help secure your participation. We accept Nomination Forms first come, first serve. Therefore, spots on the program or term that you are hoping to apply to may be full before you submit your application.

Nomination Forms for Fall/Year 2024 Limited Capacity Partner Programs:

  •  Open November 1, 2023 at noon 

Nomination Forms for Winter/Spring 2025 Limited Capacity Partner Programs:

  •  Open April 1, 2024 at noon

Programs that are “Closed” have either reached capacity, or the nomination deadline has passed.

*All deadlines are 11:45 p.m. Pacific Time. Late Nomination Forms may be possible – please email globallearning@ucsc.edu to inquire.

AustraliaUniversity of MelbourneFall
Academic Year
3/20/24Limited: Spots Available
AustraliaUniversity of MelbourneWinter + Spring
Calendar Year
8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
ColombiaUniversity of the AndesFall
Academic Year
3/6/24Limited: Spots Available
ColombiaUniversity of the AndesWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
DenmarkAarhus UniversityFall
Academic Year
2/15/24Limited: CLOSED-deadline passed
DenmarkAarhus UniversityWinter + Spring8/15/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
DenmarkTechnical University of DenmarkFall
Academic Year
2/15/24Limited: CLOSED-deadline passed
DenmarkTechnical University of DenmarkWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
FranceISARA-LyonFall3/20/24Limited: Spots Available
GermanyHeidelberg UniversityFall + Winter
Academic Year
5/1/24Limited: Spots Available
GermanyHeidelberg UniversityWinter + Spring
8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
ItalyUniversity of PadovaAcademic Year4/17/24Limited: Spots Available
ItalyUniversity of PadovaWinter + Spring
8/15/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
JapanKyoto UniversityFall + Winter
Academic Year
12/18/23Limited: CLOSED-deadline passed
JapanKyoto UniversitySpring7/17/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
JapanOsaka UniversityFall + Winter
Academic Year
N/AFall 2024/Academic Year 2024-25 Not Available
JapanOsaka UniversitySpring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
JapanRikkyo UniversityAcademic Year2/1/24Limited: CLOSED-deadline passed
JapanRikkyo UniversitySpring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
JapanSophia UniversityFall + Winter
Academic Year
2/15/24Limited: CLOSED-deadline passed
JapanSophia UniversitySpring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
JapanUniversity of the RyukyusFall + Winter
Academic Year
2/15/23Limited: CLOSED-deadline passed
JapanUniversity of the RyukyusSpring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
JapanUniversity of TokyoFall + Winter
Academic Year
1/16/24Limited: CLOSED-spots full
JapanUniversity of TokyoSpring8/15/24Limited: CLOSEDspots full
KoreaSeoul National UniversityFall
Academic Year
2/1/24Limited: CLOSEDspots full
KoreaSeoul National UniversityWinter + Spring8/15/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
KoreaKorea UniversityFall
Academic Year
3/13/24Limited: Spots Available
KoreaKorea UniversityWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
KoreaSungkyunkwan UniversityFall
Academic Year
3/1/24Limited: Spots Available
KoreaSungkyunkwan UniversityWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
Academic Year
3/1/24Limited: Spots Available
KoreaKAISTWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
NorwayNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyFall
Academic Year
2/1/24Limited: CLOSED-deadline passed
NorwayNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyWinter + Spring8/15/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
NorwayUniversity of BergenFall
Academic Year
3/1/24Limited: Spots Available
NorwayUniversity of BergenWinter + Spring8/15/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
SpainAutonomous University of BarcelonaFall + Winter
Academic Year
3/1/24Limited: Spots Available
SpainAutonomous University of BarcelonaWinter + Spring8/15/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
UKQueen’s University BelfastFall
Academic Year
3/13/24Limited: Spots Available
UKQueen’s University BelfastWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
UKUniversity of ExeterFall
Academic Year
3/13/24Limited: Spots Available
UKUniversity of ExeterWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
UKUniversity of LeedsFall
Academic Year
2/15/24Limited: CLOSED-deadline passed
UKUniversity of LeedsWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
UKUniversity of SussexFall
Academic Year
2/15/24Limited: CLOSED-deadline passed
*may accept late applications, email globallearning@ucsc.edu for more information
UKUniversity of SussexWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
UKUniversity of BristolFall
Academic Year
3/13/24Limited: Spots Available
UKUniversity of BristolWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet
UKUniversity of East AngliaFall
Academic Year
4/3/24Limited: Spots Available
UKUniversity of East AngliaWinter + Spring8/28/24Limited: CLOSED-App not open yet

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