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UC Student in Scotland
UC Student in Scotland

Earn UC credit abroad/away!

Other UC Study Abroad/Away programs offer students the option to enroll in study abroad/away and virtual programs facilitated by other UC campuses. All UC programs are built around UC courses and are led by UC faculty. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English or to participate in programs in the U.S. Other UC Study Abroad/Away programs are open to all University of California students and students from other US institutions. Use the links below to explore UC campus-specific study abroad/away programs: 

Financial Aid for Other UC Programs

For Summer Programs, complete the following steps in order to access Financial Aid:

  1. Ask the Other UC Study Abroad Office for an “Enrollment Verification Letter” that includes the number of credits you will be enrolled in (not just the list of courses)
  2. Complete the Summer Intercampus Form and email it to finaid@ucsc.edu and finaid.specialprograms@ucsc.edu along with your Enrollment Verification Letter by June 1.

Your aid will be disbursed according to the UCSC Summer Session 1 calendar. It is possible your first payment for your program is due before your UCSC aid arrives, in which case you need to pay out-of-pocket before you have your aid. Plan accordingly.

For Quarter Programs, you will receive aid from the other UC university. You must add the other UC to your FAFSA or Dream Application and contact the other UC financial aid office for additional steps that you may need to complete to receive aid.

How to Apply to Other UC Programs

  1. Complete your Profile in the Global Learning Portal
  2. Use the Other UC Study Abroad/Away programs website to find a program that meets your academic, personal, and professional goals that are within your budget review the deadlines on the other UC’s website.
  3. Review the application deadline and eligibility requirements of the UC program you are interested to determine on their website your eligibility. 
  4. Complete the Other UC  Registration form in the Global Learning Portal
  5. Apply to the program, adhering to all deadlines and application requirements. You will coordinate directly with the study abroad office at the UC campus facilitating the program, not UC Santa Cruz Global Learning.