How to Apply (Independent Programs)

  1. Fill out the Proposed Program Evaluation
    • To determine if coursework taken on your independent program is eligible for transfer credit, fill out the Proposed Program Evaluation. You do not need to be admitted into the program to do this. Submitting this form to Admissions ahead of time will allow you to make an educated decision about programs.
    • Include the full name of the university or college that will be issuing you a transcript, the syllabi for the courses you plan to take, and a link to the program website (please check with your program provider first about this, as it may be different from the actual institution you are attending).
    • Email if you would like support with this step.
  2. Apply Directly to your Independent Program
    • Apply online through their website and list Ashley Bayman, Interim Assistant Director of Advising and Outreach, as your main contact at UC Santa Cruz.
  3. Complete your Profile in the Global Learning Portal
  4. Complete an Independent Program Registration Form
  5. Complete a UC Santa Cruz Leave of Absence (except summer)
Last modified: Jul 18, 2024