Housing Resources

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The California Housing Board provides a forum to share information about available housing. This is to benefit UC students who can post about housing offers and for incoming reciprocity students who are looking for housing for one, two or three quarters during their UC studies.

The Board is hosted on the Tapatalk platform. The UC Santa Cruz and the University of California are not monitoring the posts nor are responsible for the posts’ content. The University of California is not affiliated with Tapatalk and does not endorse any of the advertising that appears on the platform.

Useful Links and Template References

Please reference the below information about housing terminology, subleasing and your UCSC Community Rentals Office resources.

How to Access the UC Housing Resources

1. Go to the California Housing Board

2. Sign up for a Tapatalk account

3. Post a Message:

Click the New Topic button

Include a descriptive title for the subject line and relevant details about the housing offer. For your security, do not post your home address, phone number or email address.

Here is an example of information your message may include:

  • Dates of Availability: September 1- December 31
  • Rent: $700 per month, a deposit equal to first and last months’ rent
  • Conditions: 2-bedroom apartment, sublet; no pets
  • Location: One block from campus (general neighborhood description)
  • Preferences: Female/male preferred
  • Attachments: Add any photos/files

Once you submit the post, you will see the subject line of your posted message.

If you wish to respond to an interested student with more details, contact them directly; do not post personal information.

The UC Regents, officers, agents, and employees of the University of California make no warranties or representations in connection with the above information, and accept no liability for any damages whatsoever arising from the use of this information, including any errors or omissions made therein.