UCSC Global Seminars

UCSC Global Seminars are faculty-led summer programs that offer students global experiences with UC Santa Cruz faculty. These programs encompass UC Santa Cruz courses taught abroad/away, with excursions and cultural activities enhanced by the location. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Class sizes are small — 12-25 students — allowing for an intimate learning experience.

Global Seminars are open to UC students from any campus and Non-UC students.

Note: Summer 2023 program information will be available in Fall 2022. 
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  • Summer 2023 Global Seminars


    Agroecology Practicum in Cuba | Cuba
    Led by: Antonio Roman-Alcala, Lecturer in Agroecology

    Subject(s): Agroecology, Environmental Studies, Sustainability Studies


    • ENVS 133B: Agroecology Practicum (6 units)

    Upcoming Online Information Session: November 28, 3 pm - Register Here


    Art and Globalization | Czech Republic and Germany
    Led by: Dee Hibbert-Jones, Professor of Art & Barbara Benish, Lecturer in Visual Studies and Studio Art
    Subject(s): Studio Art


      • ART 186: Art and Globalization (6 units) - pending CCI review
    Upcoming Online Information Session: January 18, 1:30 pm - Register Here

    Focus on Africa | Kenya- Information Coming Soon
    Led by: Melvin Cox, Lecturer Focus on Africa
    Subject(s): Public Health, Energy, Transportation, Media Technology and Education


    • Merill: Focus on Africa - (7 units) - pending CCI review

    Eco-Entrepreneurship in Costa Rica - Information Coming Soon
    Led by: Nada Milijkovic, Crown Continuing Lecturer and Program Manager for Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development and Alexa Loken, Lecturer
    Subject(s): Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability/ Environmentalism, Eco Tourism, Hospitality, Tourism, International Cross-Cultural Communication, Geography, History, Colonialism, Business, Terrestrial Ecology, Marine Biology, Politics, Ethics, Sociology


    • CRWN: Startup Academy Entrepreneurship (5 units) - pending CCI review 
    • CRWN: Environmental Entrepreneurship Applications (5 units) - pending CCI review

    Moroccan Cinema, Culture and Arabic Language | Morocco - Information Coming Soon
    Led by: Peter Limbrick, Professor of Film and Digital Media
    Subject(s): Film and Digital Media, Arabic language


    • FDM 168M: Moroccan Cinema and Culture (5 units)
    • Arabic 1 or Arabic 4 (5 units)

    Upcoming Online Information Session: November 29, 3 pm - Register Here


    Evolution and Fish Biology in Southern Africa | South Africa and Malawi- Information Coming Soon
    Led by: Dr. Giacomo Bernardi, Professor of Biology
    Subject(s): Biology, Ecology, Marine Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental studies


    • BIO 157A: Ichthyology (5 units)
    • BIO 157B: Evolution (5 units)

    Upcoming Online Information Session: December 1, 6 pm - Register Here


    Right Livelihood in India - Information Coming Soon
    Led by: David Shaw, Right Livelihood College Coordinator and Annapurna Pandey, Continuing Lecturer in Anthropology
    Subject(s): Agroecology, Gender Studies, Anthropology


    Mediterranean France: The History and Politics of Immigration - Information Coming Soon
    Led by: Muriam Davis, Associate Professor History and Thomas Serres, Assistant Professor Politics
    Subject(s): History and Politics


    • HIS 170C: France and Its Empire in the 20th Century (5 units)
    • POLI 166: Politics of Migration (5 units)

    Upcoming Online Information Session: January 11, 11 am - Register Here


    Muslim Granada and Its Legacy | Spain and Morocco
    Led by: Camilo Gomez- Rivas, Associate Professor of Mediterranean Studies
    Subject(s): Literature, History, History of Art and Visual Culture, Sociology, Arabic Studies, Anthropology, General Social Sciences


      • LIT 141G: Granada: The Moor's Last Sigh and the Muslim Frontier (6 units)
    Upcoming Online Information Session: November 29, 5 pm - Register Here


    Mokohanga Printmaking in Japan - Information Coming Soon
    Led by: Jimin Lee, Professor of Art
    Subject(s): Studio Art


    • ART 161J Mokuhanga: UCSC Printmaking in Japan (6 units)

    Writing 2: Travel Writing and Podcasting in Ireland | Ireland 
    Led by: Steve Coulter, Lecturer in Writing; Rachel Anne Goodman, Lecturer in Community Studies
    Subject(s): Writing, Media


      • Writing 2 GS: Rhetoric and Inquiry: Research and Travel Writing in Ireland (6 units)
      • CRWN 98: Podcasting: Digital Storytelling (2 units)

    Upcoming Online Information Session: November 29, 7 pm- Register Here


    How to Apply to UCSC Global Seminars

    Applications for 2023 programs will open on January 6, 2023 at 11:59 am in the Global Learning Portal. Programs will fill first come first served based on eligibility and completed applications. Please visit this page for more information.