UCSC Faculty-Led Global Seminars

UCSC Global Seminars are faculty-led summer programs that offer students global experiences with UC Santa Cruz faculty. These programs encompass UC Santa Cruz courses taught abroad/away, with excursions and cultural activities enhanced by the location. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Class sizes are small — 12-25 students — allowing for an intimate learning experience.

Global Seminars are open to UC students from any campus and non-UC students.

Summer 2024 program details will be shared during fall quarter 2023.

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  • Summer 2024 Global Seminars


    Agroecology Practicum in Guatemala

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: Damian Parr, Research & Education Coordinator in Agroecology
    Subjects: Agroecology, Environmental Studies, Sustainability Studies
    Course: ENVS 133B: Agroecology Practicum (6 units)


    Cultures of Southern Spain

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: Camilo Gomez- Rivas, Associate Professor of Mediterranean Studies
    Subjects: Literature, History, History of Art and Visual Culture, Sociology, Arabic Studies, Anthropology, General Social Sciences


      • LIT 141G: Granada: The Moor's Last Sigh and the Muslim Frontier (6 units)

    Eco-Entrepreneurship in Costa Rica

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: Nada Milijkovic, Crown Continuing Lecturer and Program Manager for Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development
    Subjects: Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability/ Environmentalism, Eco Tourism, Hospitality, Tourism, International Cross-Cultural Communication, Geography, History, Colonialism, Business, Terrestrial Ecology, Marine Biology, Politics, Ethics, Sociology


    • Crown 92: Social and Creative Entrepreneurship (5 units) 
    • Crown 94: Eco-Entrepreneurship (5 units) 

    Evolution and Fish Biology in Southern Africa | South Africa and Malawi

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: Dr. Giacomo Bernardi, Professor of Biology
    Subjects: Biology, Ecology, Marine Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental studies

    • BIOE 157A: Ichthyology (7 units)
    • BIOE 157B: Evolution (5 units)

    Film History & Preservation in Bologna | Italy

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: Shelley Stamp, Professor of Film and Digital Media
    Subject: Film & Digital Media

    • FILM 132A: International Cinema to 1960 (5 units)
    • FILM 185S: Circulating Cinema: Festivals, Programs, Spectators (2 units)

    Italian Culture through Food and Language on the Amalfi Coast | Italy

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: Tonia Prencipe, Lecturer in Italian
    Subjects: Italian Language, Cultural Studies, Anthropology

    • Italian Conversation (5 units)
    • Italian Culture Through Food (5 units)

    Mokuhanga Printmaking in Japan

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: Jimin Lee, Professor of Art
    Subject: Studio Art

    Course: ART 161J Mokuhanga: UCSC Printmaking in Japan (6 units)



    Right Livelihood, Agroecology and the Cultures of India

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: David Shaw, Right Livelihood College Coordinator and Annapurna Pandey, Continuing Lecturer in Anthropology
    Subjects: Agroecology, Gender Studies, Anthropology


    Rugby in Italy

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: Guido Bordignon, Associate Teaching Professor of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
    Subject: Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
    Course: More information soon


    Writing 2: Travel Writing and Podcasting in Ireland | Ireland 

    Program information coming soon

    Led by: Steve Coulter, Lecturer in Writing; Rachel Anne Goodman, Lecturer in Community Studies
    Subjects: Writing, Media


      • Writing 2 GS: Rhetoric and Inquiry: Research and Travel Writing in Ireland (6 units)
      • CRWN 98B: Podcasting: Digital Storytelling (2 units) 


    How to Apply to UCSC Global Seminars

    Applications for 2024 programs will open on December 1st, 2023. Programs will fill first come first served, based on eligibility and completed applications. Please visit the How to Apply webpage for more information.