Travel Writing and Podcasting in Ireland

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Required Remote Week: June 17 – 21, 2024

Arrival Date: June 22 – July 27, 2024

Complete two of your GE requirements this summer in the lively town of Dingle, County Kerry! Writing 2 satisfies your Composition requirement, and Podcasting: Digital Storytelling, satisfies your Interpreting Arts and Media (IM) requirement (pending CCI approval).  Located in the far southwest corner of Ireland,  Dingle retains its traditional culture, the Irish language, and offers both a glimpse into life from another time and a crossroads where the ancient meets the contemporary through music, literature, and the arts. The Irish will welcome you with open arms, a cup of tea, and lively, quirky conversation. You’ll find yourself chatting with new friends and smiling at the warmth of the people. Here prehistoric stone circles stand beside state-of-the-art tech centers, and there’s always something going on. Whether you’re fascinated by prehistoric megaliths, love the sound of fiddles and bagpipes, or are eager to climb the highest mountains in Ireland, Dingle has it all. As you bike down the winding back roads or climb the grassy hills past the grazing sheep, you’ll be constantly amazed by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Ireland is truly magical!

Check out this student produced video from 2022 alum Amanda Knox

Language of Instruction: English 

Courses: Writing 2 GS: Rhetoric and Inquiry: Research and Travel Writing in Ireland (6 units), Crown 98B: Podcasting: Digital Storytelling (5 units)

Max Enrollment: 25

Faculty Leaders: Steve Coulter (he/him), Writing Program Continuing Lecturer; Rachel Anne Goodman (she/her), Community Studies Lecturer


Quick Facts

Locations – Main base: Dingle, with visits to Galway and Killarney  

Eligibility – Good academic and disciplinary standing, Min Age: 18, 45 units completed at time of departure.

Minimum GPA – 2.3 cumulative GPA or higher

Prerequisites – College 1 and satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing requirement; or College 80A, 80D or 80F and the satisfaction of the C1 requirement.

Application Materials 

  • Passport–  A passport valid for at least six months after the program’s end date is required to apply or a receipt indicating that it has been ordered.
  • Financial Agreement – Download, read and electronically sign the Financial Terms and Conditions document. You will be required to upload it in the application.


  • Guest Speakers – Learn from local Irish experts on various subjects related to the course material. 
  • Galway – We will spend a few nights in Galway and explore this magnificent city known for the creative and performing arts. The visit will include a stop at the beautiful, awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher, which 400 feet straight down into the raging North Atlantic. This iconic location has provided inspiration for many artists, poets, and writers over the years and is a must-see for any visit to Ireland.  
  • Killarney Town We will spend a day exploring the vibrant town of Killarney, hike through the ancient old-growth oak forests of Killarney National Park, and tour the 15th-century Ross Castle
  • Blasket Islands – We will take a boat trip to the most western point in Europe, the Blasket Islands, a gorgeous archipelago renowned for its rugged beauty and wildness. The now uninhabited islands were home for over 300 years to people living a simple life off the land and have produced some of the greatest writers in the Irish language. 
  • Slea Head Tour We will embark on a scenic tour of the spectacular Irish coastline via the Slea Head route visiting historic and archaeological sites along the way.
  • Spiritual Pagan and Holy Well Tour: this tour will give you an appreciation of the many sites on the peninsula associated with saints and religious traditions.
  • Hill Walks and Hikes: A number of hill walks will be scheduled throughout the program ranging from easy walks to more strenuous hikes giving you the opportunity to see some of the best views on the peninsula. One will be on the Saint’s Path, which was one of the first ‘religious’ tourist walks in Ireland over 1500 years ago!
  • Cultural Activities: Activities will include concerts featuring local traditional musicians, Irish dancing lessons, traditional singing, Irish language activities, and more. 


Application Fee

  • There is a Non-Refundable $200 UCSC Global Learning Application Fee. It is charged to your UCSC account after March 1, 2024.



Forbes Magazine recently listed Dingle, County Kerry, as number three on their “Bucket List Travel: The Top 50 Places In The World” and described it by writing, “All the way west in Ireland is one of the country’s most scenic counties. Kerry’s mountains, lakes, and coasts are postcard-perfect, and that’s before you add in Killarney National Park. The unique small towns such as Dingle add to its charm.”

Host Organization

UCSC has partnered with Dingle Global Education (DGE) for this program. DGE is a local Irish organization that has facilitated this program since its creation. DGE’s incredible staff organizes all on-site support and operations including airport transportation, excursions and cultural activities, coordinating housing, offering emergency assistance, and much more. 

Check out their introduction here! 

Weather and Climate

They often say, “In Ireland, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” The weather changes very, very frequently. It can go from bright and sunny to windy and rainy in the space of an hour. The best thing to do is to wear layers, bring some waterproof clothes, and don’t forget your umbrella. In general, expect the July temperatures to range from lows in the 40s to highs in the 70s, with showers followed by golden sunshine!

Travel Documents Required for US Citizens

Passport required for US citizens. If you are not a US citizen please email to learn about additional travel documents you may need to pursue this program.

Country Information Resources



Official Language(s)

English, Irish


Nestled in the town of Dingle, the townhomes at Glór na hAbhann provide a fantastic accommodation. These fully-stocked cottages will give you a taste of life in the Irish countryside while giving you all the amenities of modern life. Each two-story cottage has four double rooms, three bathrooms, a living room, and a large kitchen.  Enjoy cooking your own meals and having a quiet spot to retreat to after a long day of exploration. A true home away from home! 

Please note that elevators, air conditioners, and other modern conveniences may not be available in all locations.


You’ll be able to enjoy three included group dinners each week, some catered and some in various restaurants in Dingle – one of the best towns in Ireland for foodies! You’ll also be able to cook your own meals in a fully-stocked kitchen in your accommodation. Vegetarian and other dietary restrictions are provided for in Dingle with good availability of fresh produce and other healthy options in restaurants and modern supermarkets.


While Dingle is generally accessible, some locations may present unique challenges regarding mobility. These will be addressed as needed and accommodations can be made. Please email to inquire more about if this program is a good choice for you. 

Students with DisabilitiesIf you need support services abroad, notify your UCSC Disability Resource Center (DRC) Coordinator.

Identities Abroad and Away

UC Santa Cruz Global Learning is committed to inclusion and equity in our various program options as well as striving to make everyone’s experiences abroad enriching, positive, and safe.

Learn more on our Identities Abroad and Away webpage.


Course Descriptions

Writing 2 GS: Rhetoric and Inquiry: Research and Travel Writing in Ireland (6 units) 

Satisfies the university GE Composition requirement

Writing has been central in Irish history, and the island has produced a remarkably high proportion of brilliant writers. Our five-week immersion in the history and culture of Ireland will provide the inspiration and tools to become proficient in university-level writing. We will write about Ireland in multiple genres including an annotated bibliography, a research paper on Irish culture or history, a daily travel journal, and a literary travel essay. Through sharing our writing online and through participation in small group and class discussions, we will create a classroom community that improves our ability to write and leads to academic success. (We will also have an amazing time listening to and playing Irish folk music, dancing, hill walking, chatting with the friendly, loquacious locals, and creating deep friendships with our fellow travelers.) 

Crown 98B: Podcasting: Digital Storytelling (5 units)

Satisfies the Interpreting Arts and Media (IM) requirement (pending CCI approval)

This course offers students an opportunity to interact with the people and stories of Ireland as budding writers and podcasters during their five weeks in the town of Dingle, County Kerry.  Students will research the history and culture of Ireland and produce a podcast from 

concept to launch. They will interview local residents on class outings and on their independent adventures about town. The Irish are world-renowned storytellers eager to chat with visitors from abroad, and students will learn to capture and edit some of those stories. The class will provide a working knowledge of current trends in audio production and include lessons on sound gathering, interviewing, script writing, audio editing, and developing a ”radio voice.” Students will develop their own style of writing and speaking as they learn the standards of the medium. There will be a special focus on listening to and analyzing successful podcasts. As students climb mountains, explore prehistoric ruins, and chat with the town characters, they will gather material to weave an audio portrait of a slice of Irish life. Students will research, problem-solve, and collaborate creatively to produce a finished podcast to be published online. This course will be taught side-by-side with Writing 2 GS: Research and Travel Writing in Ireland, and assignments will complement and dovetail with one another.

Course Credit

Students on UCSC Global Seminars earn regular UC Santa Cruz course credit which may be used to fulfill degree, major, minor, General Education (GE) requirements. UC Santa Cruz students can use UCSC Global Seminar courses to fulfill their academic requirements as listed in the General Catalog. Students from other campuses should consult with the academic advisors from their home campuses to determine whether courses taken on our programs may be used to fulfill their specific academic requirements.

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