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Sungkyunkwan University
Sungkyunkwan University


Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is a center of higher education with over six centuries of tradition and excellence. Since its founding at the dawn of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), contemporary SKKU has embraced globalization and emerged as a leading university in Asia and the world, due in no small part to its close partnership with Samsung.

Quick Facts

Partner Program Type – Exchange

Minimum GPA – 2.85

*students with a Leave of Absence on their UCSC record must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA

Eligibility – Good academic and disciplinary standing, Min Age: 18, Open to All Majors, Junior or Senior class standing by the time of departure

Term Options

Fall Semester – late August to mid-December

Spring Semester – mid February to mid-June

  • students must miss both winter and spring quarters at UCSC to participate in this session

Academic Year – late August to mid-June

Partner Program deadline dates



City & University
SKKU has two campuses, one in Seoul and the other in Suwon. Students can take courses at one or both of the campuses. There is a shuttle bus that runs between campuses free of charge.

SKKU’s Humanities and Social Sciences Campus is in the old city center of South Korea’s capital, Seoul. It is a unique representation of Korea’s ancient history combined with futuristic modernity, which makes Korea a pioneer in the field of business and technology.

SKKU’s Natural Sciences Campus is in Suwon, located 25 miles south of Seoul, a center for business, education, and economic research

As long as you apply for SKKU housing on time, it is guaranteed. Learn more about the SKKU Dormitories.

You are responsible for applying for, securing, and paying for accommodations directly to the housing provider. Visit the host university website for actual costs.

Student Support

SKKU’s International Relations Office provides support and guidance for SKKU’s foreign exchange students. Their staff is available every step of the way, from pre-departure to your arrival and throughout your studies. Additionally, SKKU offers resources and opportunities for you to integrate successfully into the culture and society.

Country Information Resources

Students with Disabilities

If you need support services abroad, notify your UCSC Disability Resource Center (DRC) Coordinator

The Services for Students with Disabilities office can assist students with reasonable accommodations.

Identities Abroad and Away

UC Santa Cruz Global Learning is committed to inclusion and equity in our various program options as well as striving to make everyone’s experiences abroad enriching, positive, and safe.

Learn more on our Identities Abroad and Away webpage.


Host University Courses

As an SKKU exchange student, you will enroll full-time in courses alongside other local and international students for a semester or full academic year. 

Course Search

Visit the SKKU Course Catalogue.

  • Most courses at SKKU are taught in Korean. “General Courses” refer to courses that are taught in Korean. Look for courses that are marked “International Language” to find courses taught in English.
  • As you browse courses, take notice of which campus where the course takes place. SKKU has two campuses, one in Suwon (NSC) and another in Seoul (HSSC).
  • Study Korean at SKKU through the Korean Language Program. Classes are available from beginning to advanced. Note that the cost is included as part of the exchange program.

Satisfying Requirements
It may be possible to satisfy major, minor, GE, and/or electives on this program.

Learn more about:

Course Load Requirements

You are required to enroll in a full-time course load while abroad as defined by your host institution:

  • A full-time course load is 15 to 18 credits a semester.

As a UCSC student, you must also continue to meet UCSC Satisfactory Academic Progress, which requires students to enroll in a minimum of 12 UCSC quarter credits per quarter. At SKKU, you are required to ensure you meet this requirement by enrolling in the equivalent of at least 12 quarter credits in fall semester and at least 24 quarter credits in spring semester after conversion (see below).

Credit Conversion

SKKU uses semester credits. These will be converted to UCSC quarter credits when added to your UC transcript.

  • 1 semester credit = 2 UCSC quarter credits
  • 2 semester credits = 3 UCSC quarter credits
  • 3 semester credits = 5 UCSC quarter credits
  • 4 semester credits = 6 UCSC quarter credits

Academic Restrictions

Some courses abroad may have enrollment limitations and/or restrictions, such as prerequisites. Review course information provided by the university partner to understand any course limitations and/or restrictions prior to official course enrollment abroad.

If you are unsure about your eligibility to enroll, please contact UCSC Global Learning at before applying to this program.

Academic Differences

Please note that the academic system, such as assignments, exams, course structure, grading system, etc., at your host institution may be different from what you are used to at UCSC. We highly recommend researching the academic system at your host university in advance to best prepare for your experience abroad.

Academic Calendar

We recommend comparing the host university academic calendar to the UCSC academic calendar to see how the academic calendars, holidays and breaks differ.

Last modified: Feb 27, 2024