UCDC Alumni – Sammy Moore

UCDC Student Experience – Sammy

Internship: The Human Rights Campaign

Term of Participation: Fall 2022

What did you learn about your field of interest or the professional workspace?

I was the policy and political affairs intern, so I tracked pro-equality legislation and worked with media response to LGBTQ+ legislation. It was amazing to see a bill that I had worked on since it reached the Senate floor get passed on my last day!

How did your internship influence your career goals?

I think that my internship has made me more open to working before going to grad school than I was before. I also became much more aware of domestic politics. I am now much more invested, and understand how the US is run a little better, which makes me more willing to work in the domestic sphere than I was before.

What is an exciting memory from your time in D.C.?

I got to see Joe Biden speak three times and Kamala Harris twice! Right before the midterm election, I got to see Joe Biden speak in a tiny room in Union Station while representing HRC. It was a truly amazing experience, getting to be so close to the president, as well as hearing him speak so urgently about the future of America. I also got to meet the new president of HRC, Kelley Robinson.

What kind of opportunities did the internship lead to?

Yes, I was able to connect with a lot of people who work in international politics and will let me know about job opportunities before they are publicly posted!

What advice do you have for future students?

Don’t be afraid to network!

Last modified: Jun 14, 2024